The Brexit was about to collect votes based on the cohesion of the tribe. The tribe was defined as “we British people” – whatever it means. The cohesion is stronger if it is against something and politicians succeeded to find an enemy. The EU seemed to be a perfect enemy. They just forgot that a real enemy is not needed to increase the cohesion and it is always better to avoid the real clash. In that way the propaganda and slogans became reality. The triumph took effect not only in the parliament but it became the triumph of tribalism over the cooperation.

Boris wrecks it - a banner from an anti-Brexit demonstration
Brexit was funny for a committed EU citizen tourist but it is not fun for British people now

The politicians forgot to answer the following questions in advance:

  • Scottish are British? Or they are Scottish?
  • Irish people in Northern-Ireland are British?
  • Which Brexit fun prefers English wine to Portuguese?
  • Will British people do the work of banished EU workers?
  • Who will buy British products for the price increased by customs?
  • Who wants to cooperate with defectors?
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