Election campaigns nowadays are increasingly about the disgrace of the other party and not about the intentions of our party. Even if someone speaks about his/her intention often uses such expressions like “we will defend” or “we don’t let”. These terms are always against someone, generally against another party or leader. It insinuates that the other party is the enemy of our country despite the fact, that the country is also their homeland. It is a kind of sneak on the other and in most cases it is not true. The truth is that everyone wants to develop the country just on different ways. Even if some politician harms his homeland, it is rarely intentional.

Politicians do not want to defect their country – although some of them do – they just want to strengthen their camp. Nothing increases the commitment of the camp (the tribe) more than an enemy. With a good enemy you can win the next elections. The best enemy is a virtual one – you don’t really have to fight against it, it cannot injure you, but the movements are the same. Your camp will admire you and will collect under the flag.

The easiest way to create a virtual enemy is to say that the opposite party wants something really weird which is against all of our norms and interests. They don’t, but who cares. Once the camp is built the votes are guaranteed.

Like the children

Crying offended toddler boy arguing with elder sister
The goal must be the agreement not the arguing – not only for the children

The situation is very similar to that when our children are coming out of their room and crying:
“She kicked me!”, “He pulled my hair!”, “Yes, because she wanted to destroy the castle that I have built.”, “He wanted to build my Little Pony into the castle.”, “She hates that Pony.”, “I love the Pony, but he hates me.”, and so on.

In such a case we cannot investigate the truth. Even if we could, the truth is very temporal, highly depends on the current situation and it is not about the goodness or evilness of our children. What we can do is that we embrace both of them. We tell them that we love both of them and therefore it is a pain for us when they do not play together in peace and love. And we tell them that we do not believe that any of them wants something evil. If it seems like that, then it must be a miscomprehension.

In the worst case, if they continue to sneak on each other, such questions can help: “OK, he pulled your hair, but what did you do before?” or “OK, she kicked you, but what did you do before?”

Force the politicians to cooperate

What can we do with our politicians? We could embrace every of them and tell them that we love every one of them – but that would be misleading. Even if we love all of them personally, we don’t like their opinions just as much. They have to represent different views – this is their job – and we cannot agree with every opinion. But they must know that the different opinions are for the argumentation. Also we have to know it. They have to use their brains instead of blemishing each other. May be at the end of the day they can find a solution which satisfies every point of view. Most of the opinions are complement each other rather than contradict. They should never give up making an agreement, a common decision. But it is still about how should they act and not about our possibilities. Do not let politicians to sneak on each other!

Sneak on the other is not nice

What should we, voters do? How could we force them to make their job?
Don’t let them abuse each other! If they talk about what the other said, don’t listen to them but listen to that other one. The other knows better what he/she said and what wanted to say, than anybody else. If someone cite them, listen to or read the original. Never accept betrayal as we don’t accept it from our children. In the worst case just ask: “OK, but what did you do?”

Full shot of a mother trying to reconcile bickering siblings. Don't let them sneak on each other
Don’t let them sneak on each other

All the journalists and all the news portals should ignore these kind of sentences, that someone says about the other party. What is your intention, what are you going to do? This is the first and only question to the politicians. And we should ask the intentions of the other party directly.

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