There must be a Balance between demand and offer

To bring into balance, the demand and the offer of renewable fossils, the recommended price is above 6 € per litre of fossil fuels in Europe and around 40 $ per gallon in the USA. On our planet the demand for fossils is currently 1.7 times higher than the sustainable offer. The average human inhabitant of Earth consumes 1.7 times more fossils annually as the Earth can produce in one year. In Europe this rate is around 4 and in the USA is above 10. Because of it the fuel price should be increased to a sustainable level. To consume over the sustainable level is selfish und unethical.

The sustainable fuel prices are around 6 €

Avoid the climate catastrophe

We must bring into balance the demand with the renewable offer. We can’t wait until the energy from renewable sources costs much less than the fossil energy. Mankind overconsumes the Earth day-by-day. Despite the continuous decrease of the price of renewables, we will reach the climate catastrophe earlier than the renewables can supersede the fossils according to the normal market development. Because of it we must support this process. How? On one side we must increase the price of the fossils with taxes, on the other side we must reduce the price of the renewables by subsidies. The source of the subsidies could be the taxes on fossils.

Decrease the consumption by taxes

At the moment we use up the past and the future of our planet. If we only consumed as much as the earth can produce, it would be a fraction of the current consumption. Therefore in Europe the desired tax rate should be 300 %, the desired fuel price should be above 6 €. It comes from that the average European overconsumes about 3 times the fossils – consumes 4 times as much as the renewal. In those countries where the overconsumption per capita is not so high the tax could be lower. And of course, the tax should be higher where the overconsumption is higher.

Support becoming sustainable

Almost every country would like to achieve the climate neutrality – at least in words. We demand from the governments, all over the world to take seriously the achievement of climate neutrality and add these kinds of taxes on fuel price. This could highly accelerate the rationalization of the economies and could give a chance to mankind to survive.

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